AWS Workshops

ExamPro offers a variety of AWS workshops designed to help you gain practical knowledge fast.
Each workshop is designed for two different levels of learning:

$250 CAD 1 Day for Beginners

Taught at casual pace. No workshop attendee is left behind. We take great effort to explain core concepts in an easy and understandable way. If you are new to AWS, a junior developer, a bootcamp graduate or preparing for an AWS Associate Certification, this is the learning level designed for you.

$900 CAD 2 Days for Professionals

Taught at a fast pace, covering 50% more content around common scenarios intended for production. More time to ask questions to help you determine how to apply what you learn to current work/projects. If you are preparing for or hold an AWS Professional Certification this is the learning level designed for you.

What's Included

Workshop Printout
We provide you a step-by-step print out of the entire workshop, so you can easily follow along and have something to take home.
Video Content
At the end of the workshop, we give you access to a video tutoralize version of the workshop accessible on the ExamPro platform.
Breakfast and Lunch
In case you've missed a meal we have complimentary breakfast and lunch because we want to ensure attendees stay focused.
AWS Account
We provide you a temporary AWS Account for the duration of the workshop. So, no worrying about being overbilled by mistake.

End-To-End Web App Deployment

Setup entire VPC from scratch, Web-app backed by RDS. Hands on with SSM ALB + ASG + CodeDeploy + CodePipeline (Deploy on Git Push)!

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Mastery of Microservices

Learn the different ways to deploy microservices to AWS with Beanstalk, ECS, Fargate, EKS and store Docker containers via ECR, Debugging with X-Ray

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Static Website Hosting at Scale

Serving both public and private static website content. A/B testing! S3 + Route53 + ACM + CloudFront (Seriously Deep Dive into CloudFront!)

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Going Serverless

Creating a serverless contact form with AWS Lambdas backed by DynamoDB, fires emails with SNS, using Step Functions, and debugging with X-Ray

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Cloud Networking

VPC, IGW, Route Tables, CIDR Notation, VPN, Direct Connect

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The Technical Essentials for Non-Technical Co-Founders

This workshop is designed to help non-technical co-founders of startups to have practical knowledge on AWS to give them technical visiblity. This will help them save money, improve security, keep agile and keep scalablity in mind. Think of this workshop as a fast-track to the things you need to know from an interim CTO.

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