AWS Tech Talks

ExamPro presents multiple tech talks on AWS in-person and via live-stream.
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Upcoming Talks

The Fast Track to Serverless Security on AWS
This is a practical guide through everything you need to know about Serverless Security on AWS. We walk you through multiple scenarios where these AWS Security tools come in handy and many of the use cases are things we are currently using to protect the ExamPro platform.
Time 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Organizer Serverless Toronto
Host My Planet
Address 252 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1N1
How To Run a Modded Minecraft Server on AWS
Learning how to use cloud services can be fun and at ExamPro, we wanted an excuse to provision and run our own Modded Minecraft on company time. We also wanted to use as many AWS services as possible.
Time 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
Organizer DevHub
Host DevHub
Address #001 - 662 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2H8

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The Fast Track to BigData on AWS
If you're a growing startup and you're worried about how you're going to handle the ever growing data problem, we provide a practical perception on BigData services you can use on AWS. This talk is also a good way to prepare for AWS Speciality BigData Certification.
From Heroku to Elastic Beanstalk
Heroku delivers on the promise of ease, but can become expensive incredibly fast. While using Heroku, you're missing out on the amazing syngeries you only get when running your web-app on AWS. Beanstalk is an AWS solution to make AWS easy to work with while you acclimate the many possible configurations you'll need as your startup grows.
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Going from Zero to DevOps Hero
There are lots of different ways to deploy to AWS, all with their own unique trade offs. This talk is perfect for you if you want to know all your options. Or, if you're studying for the DevOps Professional Certification. ExamPro uses a combination of these tools in production and we'll share what we think works best for each case.
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The Pro Guide on AWS CloudFront
At ExamPro, CloudFront is one our favourite services. We use CloudFront to serve up private video content and to ensure our files and assets load fast anywhere in the world. We host all our static websites behind CloudFront. It can also help protect us from DDoS and to detect and stop scrapers.
The Pro Guide on Database Migration Service
There comes a time you may want to migrate your database to another. Maybe you want to move from Postgres to Aurora Serverless MySQL. Or, you want to go from SQL to NoSQL. Learning how to use DMS is tricky, but once you know it, you'll be comfortable moving your large databases or changing database engines; no sweat.
How to Serve On-Demand Videos from AWS
On ExamPro, we have hundreds of videos and wanted to have full control over our video content. So, after spending 2 weeks with AWS Support, we figured out how to be our own Youtube. This talk will fast track you to set up your own on demand video service and will help you avoid the easy traps along the way.

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