AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
Professional 2019

Mastering the ability to deploy anything to AWS.
Learn how to automate infrastructure and choose the right deployment architecture to scale to meet any workload.
Pass the DevOps Engineer Professional exam.
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Course Outline
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11m 19s
Meet your Instructor
1m 45s
Exam Guide Overview
5m 22s
Why get DevOps Engineer Certified?
4m 12s
Auto Scaling Groups
56m 21s
Introduction to ASG
5m 39s
Launch Configuration
4m 44s
Follow Along
Launch Templates
7m 11s
Follow Along
Target Tracking Scaling Policies
5m 4s
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Simple Scaling Policies
6m 21s
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Steps Scaling Policies
5m 34s
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Updating an AMI
4m 10s
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Lifecycle Hooks
5m 17s
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Debugging Cooldown
3m 54s
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ASG CheatSheet
8m 27s