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Why ExamPro?

Maybe you're thinking to yourself
Why would I use ExamPro over ACloudGuru, Whizlabs or LinuxAcademy?

The Essentials Condensed

Studying AWS Whitepapers, FAQs and ReInvent Deep Dives Videos are essential to pass the Pro Certs. Throughout this process, you need to create your own study notes to commit this large volume of knowledge to memory.

AWS Whitepapers Summaries

We have gone through and summarized every relevant AWS Whitepaper reducing your reading time by half. Then we took it further by creating whitepaper video walkthroughs. We created flashcards and quizzes for each whitepaper to ensure you've mastered each whitepaper.

AWS FAQs Study Decks

For each service, we created flashcard decks based off the FAQs. So, after you read the FAQs, you can ensure you have memorized the most important information.

Deep Dive on All Services

ReInvent Deep Dive Videos by AWS are amazing, but they don't cover all services despite being each an hour long. We've created our own Deep Dive videos that are to the point and cover all services required to study for Certification.

Study by Service

ExamPro is the only service that let's you study in one specific service to ensure mastery.

Smart Flashcards

Autobuilds Decks

ExamPro pays attention to what you're studying and will build a deck of flashcards it thinks you need help with the most to pass your exam.

Scheduled Learning

To keep you accountable, ExamPro will remind you by email to practice your deck to ensure you keep what you need to know in your long term memory with the power of Space Repetition Learning

Highly Interlinked Content

Flashcards are integrated across all our content, so, whether you're practicing an exam, whitepaper, service, or lab we have you covered.

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